Open CSV in Excel

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Adding “sep=;” or “sep=,” to the CSV at the beginning of the file
When you have a CSV that is separated by semicolons (;) and your system/Excel default is commas (,), you can add a single line to tell Excel what delimiter to use when opening the file. To do this:

Open your CSV using a text editor.
Windows: NotePad (notepad.exe)
Mac: TextEdit (
Skip a line at the top, and add sep=; if the separator used in the CSV is a semicolon (;), or sep=, if the separator is a comma (,).
Save, and re-open the file. separator_trick_using_text_editor.png
Note: This newly added line will not show up when opening the file in Excel. Once you’ve opened up the Excel file (and the formatting looks good), you can re-save the file (if your default separator is a comma) so the “sep=” line is no longer present, which will allow for imports.

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